Committed to Achievement                                                                                   

Our mission for Green Park School is:

To develop a supportive and productive learning community where everyone:

•    works together to create a happy, healthy and safe environment
•    is valued and given challenges and opportunities
•    becomes the best they can be 
•    is prepared for a successful future life
•    develops lively and enquiring minds, questions and then rationally voices their point of view
•    applies themselves positively to tasks and physical activities
•    acquires and applies knowledge, skills and motivation to their life in a rapidly changing world
•    acquires a reasoned, independent set of attitudes, values and beliefs, including a respect for, and an understanding of, different religious, moral and cultural values                                                    
•    understands and contributes to the world in which we live
•    communicates effectively
•    is numerate and economically aware  
•    develops confidence and self-respect whilst being aware of the needs of others and society as a whole.