Play-Leader Award Scheme
At Green Park we have taken on a structured play scheme to encourage children to become active at playtimes and lunchtimes, which in turn reduces behaviour problems and arguments. In order for this to run successfully some of our Midday Supervisors have attended training as well as a selected number of our Year 5 & 6 children. The children have been trained how to lead a group of children in play and it is their role to organise games and show good leadership skills. They need to show confidence when working with a group of children in games and prove to be a good role model. Each day the children are required to lead small groups of children in various fun games using the equipment provided.
To encourage our Playground Play Leaders we are offering a reward scheme. Every Play Leader will have a Log Book to complete. Each time they are in their role at lunchtimes they will be given a stamp in their book. When they have received 20 stamps they will be awarded a Bronze certificate, for 40 they will receive a Silver, for 80 a Gold and for 100 a Platinum! This will hopefully encourage the children to be reliable and to work hard. They will have to use their BLP skills to be responsible for their own Log Book and getting it signed each day. As well as certificates, there will be a ‘Play-Leader of the Month’ trophy which will be awarded to the leader who has been chosen because of their dedication and hard work. Their picture will be displayed in the hall for all of the school to see.
We are pleased that the Play-Leader scheme has been so successful and delighted that more children want to be trained up in their new roles. We are also pleased to announce that all our Year 2 children have been trained to become Play-Leaders and will be able to receive their own award certificates for leading a group of children.