A quick guide to the school's G-mail platform

As children are increasingly using their school g-mail account, we felt that it would be helpful to provide you with some information about what it can (and cannot) be used for.  Google accounts provide e-mail addresses as well as a host of other tools which the children will use on various occasions throughout their time at the school.  These include website design, blogging platforms and calendars.

Our account uses the school's website domain @greenparksch.org.uk and we have taken steps to ensure that the children remain in as safe an environment as possible.

All the children's accounts are restricted to the domain.  This means that they can only e-mail other people with @greenparksch addresses.  They can also only blog or share websites with others in the school. We may from time to time allow childrens accounts to e-mail specific websites as part of their work, but this will be monitored by the school.

We use a confidential account name.  The children cannot be identified from their username by anyone outside of the school we use a 3 digit number followed by the child's initials.

The school uses a banned word filter.  If potentially offensive terms are used in a communication, the communication is not sent to the recipient, but is forwarded to the system administrator (Mr Vincent), who has control over all the accounts.